Service Contracts

We offer 3 separate coverages: Premier Care, Advantage Care, Five Star Care

Premier Care: All Powertrain Components.
1. Gasoline and diesel engine (all lubricated parts)
2. Transmission (all internal lubricated parts)
3. turbocharger/supercharger (all internal lubricated parts)
4. front and rear wheel drive system
5. seals and gaskets

*Premier Plus: Electrical, and A/C

Advantage Care Covers: All Powertrain Components
1. Gasolilne engine/diesel engine (all internal lubricated parts)
2. Transmission and Transfer case (all internal lubricated parts)
3. Turbocharger/supercharger (factory installed only) (all lubricated internal parts)
4. front and rear wheel drive/four wheel and all wheel drive ( all lubricated internal parts)
Powertrain+ Coverage:
1. A/C
2. Suspension
3. Cooling System
4. Electrical ( as it pertains to the engine only) alternator voltage regulator, back up light switch, horns, ignition coil, etc….
5. Gasoline Fuel System
6. Brakes and abs sytem (no brake pads included)
7. Steering: steering gear, rack and pinion mounts, power steering pumps, hoses and couplings, power steering cooler, steering column. etc…

Comprehensive Coverage: this covers all factory installed audio, Hybrid systems, and Entertainment and Navi systems. Factory installed only

Five Star Care:
2.Turbocharger and supercharger (factory installed only)
4. transfer case
5. drive axle: front and rear
6. steering
7.brakes (no brake pads)
8. front and rear suspension
9. a/c
10. electrical
11. Fuel delivery
12. Cooling system
13. emissions
14. seals and gaskets

Windshield Coverage

How it Works: windshield appearance protection treatment contains a unique bonding agent that chemically bonds to the glass surface. Fusing at the molecular level, it creates a hydrophobic and protective coating by capping the glass pores and its surface ridges. The bonding process utilizes the latest in Nano-Chemistry to strengthen and enhance the qualities of the glass, by grabbing and chemically fusing into the glass molecules, creating a strong covalent bond that acts as a protective shield.

  • covers up to 5 years
  • available on all vehicles
  • repair of replace damaged windshield
  • There are no deductibles or additional costs

*Techs will come to your home or office or to the dealership that is close to you.

DMS GAP Protection

If the vehicle is stolen or totaled the gap protection will pay off the entire cost of what is owed. insurance tends to pay the amount of the trade value. usually there is still some more left over on the entire payoff. so that is where gap steps in and pays off the remaining amount. zeroing out the balance owed. also makes sure to leave 1000 dollars towards the purchase of your next car.

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